• Acne
    We understand how emotionally and spiritually crippling—not to mention painful—acne can be. With countless products and opinions on the market, it is understandable that you may become confused and not know where to turn to improve your skin’s health. With 30 years of combined experience, the clinical aestheticians at JWCSS can help put you on a comprehensive program to gradually and safely improve your skin over time. Whether you are experiencing acne for the first time or you have been suffering for many years, we can help you achieve clearer skin through proper home care and monthly professional treatments. We form a partnership, and together we can improve your skin’s health . With realistic expectations, your acne can be controlled to reveal your beautiful skin.
  • Acne Clearing Treatment

    $165 / $205 with Jillian / 75 minutes
    Minimizes acne by decongesting the skin with an anti-clog & anti-bacterial pharmaceutical grade concentrate. Dead skin cells are sloughed away, impactions are extracted & zapped. Your skin is calmed with a medicated corrective mask. Best done in a series of 6. Upper body massage add $20
  • Advanced Double Surface Exfoliation

    $175 / $225 with Jillian / 75 minutes
    Smoothes, re-texturizes & brightens the skin by using both enzymes w/ steam and a potent AHA blend. For stubborn acne, clogged pores, discolored, rough, lackluster, polluted skin. Excellent clinical facial if you have a lot of blackheads.

  • LumiFacial with Enzymes or Microdermabrasion

    $250 / 75 minutes
    Our LumiFacial using LED technology addresses many different skin conditions within one session. LED light encourages collagen production, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture, minimizes puffiness, inflammation, redness and diminishes acne. It does not insight a wound response like lasers so you leave looking radiant with no downtime! Includes exfoliation based on your skin needs; enzymes for clogged skin or more delicate types, microdermabrasion for rough and non-sensitive types, extractions, polarized current, and a deep penetrating mask complete the treatment. Program can also be customized for stubborn conditions. Lumifacial can be done monthly. LumiFacial FAQS

  • *NEW* Acne Detox Treatment

    $200 / $250 with Jillian / 75 minutes
    For those suffering from persistent acne, congestion, and oily skin.  A special, natural and safe antibacterial serum is used to soften the skin for extractions with steam.  Afterwards, a glycolic peel is applied to further smooth and brighten the skin.  To finish, a cactus mud mask further purges the skin. You leave with a revitalizing, healing peel made from almonds and SPF. Excellent treatment to help minimize future acne breakouts.   ADD 30 minutes of LED light $50. Your aesthetician will be able to help you decide if this is right for you. Must have Aesthetician's approval to book this treatment.  Book Acne Clearing Facial first.

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